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Palstar AT500 HF Tuner 6m to 160m
Output Power: 600Watts max 800Watt PeP SSB:500Watts CW
Tuning: 2 controls
Antenna switching: 6 position mode switch for multiple antennas
Capacitor: Differential tunning with 2 stators and 1 rotor:min 14pF max 360pF @ 2,5kV
Roller inductor: 15uH silver-plated wire on ceramic body
Outputs: Balanced and Unbalanced Lines
Impedance: Matching range 20 Ohms to 1500 Ohms
Metering: Active crossneedle Peak/Peak Hold with blacklighting
Power Meter Range: 0-300 Watts to 0-1000 Watts
Balun: 4:1 Current type
DC power: 12-13,8 VDC
Dimensions: 10 3/8"wide x 5 1/2"high x 12 7/8"deep
Shipping weight: 8 lbs
Warranty :2 Year

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