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Palstar AT5K HF Tuner

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Palstar AT5K HF Tuner

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Palstar AT5K HF Tuner for Coax and balanced feed lines
Frequency: 160m -15m with limited Z range on 28MHz
Power:3500 Watts single tone continuous, low tuner losses, and wide Z range
Antenna Switching: 10 Amps RF 6 positions mode switch for muliple antennas
Tuning:3 controls
Balanced connections:1
Capacitor: Custom large plate variable capacitors :600pF @ 6kV
Roller Inductor: 35uH 10 Amp @7kV :3,25"ceramic body  wound with 10Ga plated solid copper wire and silver-plated inductor wheel shaft and contact wheel.
Active crossneedle Peak/Peak Hold SWR meter with blacklighting.
Power meter: 0-300 Watts-0-3000 Watts.
Balun: Ferrit 1:1 input balun,Teflon wire balun at input of tuner circuit.
Output:Unbalanced/Balanced activated by front panel switch with hige power 5kW.
Cooling: Fan cooling for extended 100% duty cycle operation.
Power: 12-13,8 VDC
Weight:15kg (30lbs)
Shipping weight: 17kg
Size:wide 16 1/4" x high 8 1/4" x deep 19 3/4" ( including knobs and connectors)
Warranty Palstar 2 Year
Transportcost Europa insurance (5500 euro) 20kg: 49,10 euro
Transportcost World insurance (5500 euro) 20kg:112,10 euro
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